Relationships are what life’s all about. We not only have relationships with our romantic partners, we have relationships with money, with food, with friends, with relatives, with our boss and co-workers…the list is endless. We even have a relationship with ourselves.

All of our relationships boil down to the same things – our core beliefs and values. We operate from certain beliefs and those beliefs are what we tell ourselves is and isn’t important. Relationships get out of sync when we’re not being true to who we are and what we believe in.

Many people are going through the motions in life without any thought or care toward the value and meaning they are putting forth. Relationships aren’t being built on strong foundations because people aren’t taking the time to put the right bricks down. Everyone’s in a hurry and if something isn’t working right (at this moment) they push it aside and move on. Relationships are crumbling by the masses and no one seems to care because people aren’t valuing commitment.

The end result is a lot of unhappy, unfulfilled, non-committed people who are just looking for the next best thing. I’m here to tell you that the grass isn’t always greener. The next best thing isn’t always right around the corner. Relationships take work. Lots and lots of work. They take commitment, honesty, time and effort. Lots and lots of fucking effort.

If you are struggling in a current relationship, going through a separation or a divorce, or are dealing with being single again after many years in a committed relationship, you are not alone. It’s not easy, but I encourage you to take a deep breath and know you will be okay.

Social media has everyone thinking that life’s perfect and everyone’s happy. Trust me they’re not. It’s bullshit. Complete and total bullshit. Life is hard. Relationships are hard. Figuring out what the fuck to do next is hard.

Don’t be fooled.

So where do you turn? What can you do to get your relationships back on track? How do you know if or when it’s time to move on?

I can help you sort through these questions and more. I can provide accountability to keep you honest and real about your situation. I can help you comprise action steps to get back on track, and feeling good again.

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