Tara Whelton is a life coach, writer and lifestyle entrepreneur who works with individuals to help them get unstuck, take action, and find more purpose, passion and enjoyment in their lives. Her “no bullshit” approach helps her clients get real, take action, move faster and go farther than they would on their own.

Tara embarked on her own personal development journey at a young age. Her father’s death, when she was barely sixteen, had a profound impact on her life. She spent many years feeling alone and scared, worried about her future and believing she didn’t have what it took to succeed. 

Through everything life threw at her, rather than stay stuck, she sought out resources and tools that helped her push through her fear and take action. She came to realize that circumstances don’t create your character, but rather how you react to those circumstances, and the action you take is what does.

Tara’s passion is helping people realize their strength, value who they are, what they want, and leave the bullshit behind. She believes we should live true to who we are and not let the voices in our heads (that are not our own) dictate how we feel or how we act. 

Tara works with people from all walks of life, and one common denominator is that no matter what their age, profession or stage of life, they all have the ability to create abundance and live life on their own terms.

Tara lives in southern California, and enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle, surrounded by her family and close friends.