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How To Act Boldly

How do you act boldly when you know you could fail? How do you pursue your dreams when you are scared to take the first step?

You know what you want. You have a deep desire to do something big. You think about this thing, you dream about it, talk about it and yearn for it. But you don’t take action. Why?

You’re scared. You don’t really know where to begin. You worry about what other people will think. You believe that you cannot take action until everything is perfectly in place. You wait. You wonder. You let “life” get in the way. You do nothing.

And you stay stuck.

What would your life look like if you stopped letting fear take control of your actions? How would your life change if you pushed through that fear and finally got to the other side?

You can’t get to where you want to be if you continue to allow fear to drive your actions. Sure, we all get scared at times (that’s understandable), but it’s when you live in that scared state of mind, that your life stays stuck. Instead of letting fear paralyze you, allow your faith to drive you, and push through (doing whatever it takes) to the other side of that fear.

You can’t wait for the conditions of your life to be perfect, you need to take action from wherever you are right now. You must start at your staring point and begin implementing new, daily habits that empower you and support your end goal. You must do the difficult tasks even when you don’t feel like doing them. Even when you are tired, worn down, burnt out, and lacking drive. You don’t get to AMAZING without first putting in dedicated, consistent effort.

Learn to shift your mindset from fear to excitement. Begin by focusing on how you will feel once you reach your end goal. Start acting as if you are already there. Envision yourself standing in the depths of your success. Then let every ounce of your being feel the vibrations of living out your dream.

I wish you great success in whatever it is that you are about to pursue. Go out there, be BOLD, and live your dreams…You can do it!

Much Love ~Tara


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